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Nedenstående er de generelle konditioner kunden accepter (i en ”tjek-boks) og vi auto udfylder baseret på det udfyldte data.

Data Protection Consent to Provide Personal Customer Data to NetApp Partners


Dear Sir/ Madam,

We understand that you are interested in changing NetApp Partners in respect to your renewal for your support contract.  We are more than happy to assist with this request; however we must obtain your signed consent prior to providing the new partner with your contact information or information related to your system configuration.

NetApp takes data protection compliance very seriously and expects the same from our partners.  Therefore, we will not release your information to our partner, _________ until we received this signed consent from you.  Please tick the box below, sign and date this authorization, and return it to _________.

⎕ I hereby grant NetApp authorization to provide my contact details and system configuration information to ___________. Per my request.

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